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One prayer timetable for London

Many Mosques and Islamic Centres carefully work out their own prayer timetables. The most difficult times to calculate are for Fajr and Isha. The scholars of Islam have found various solutions for this, and each Mosque has each chosen what it believes to be best. But for the Muslims of London this has led to noticeable differences between the timetables.

To overcome this problem, a number of Mosques and Centres considered the matter carefully and together agreed to follow one method. This means that they will all have the same prayer times across London. Of course, this is a voluntary initiative, each Mosque or Centre is free to make its own choices. But it is hoped that for the sake of unity and the benefit of the Muslims of London, more and more will choose to adopt the Unified Islamic Prayer Timetable for London.

The East London Mosque wants to be part of this good initiative, and has changed its prayer timetable from the beginning of Ramadan 1432 (August 2011). The changes are mostly quite small, but it should mean a great many people will be starting and ending their fast at exactly the same time, not a few minutes apart.

There is another benefit of being united: if in the future even better ways of working out the prayer times for Fajr and Isha are found, all the Mosques and Centres can make any changes together.

Where are these prayer times valid?

If you are within the region enclosed by the M25, which is all of London and more, then you can use these times. The Jama'ah (congregational) times only refer to BHIS; other Mosques and Centres decide their own times for the Jama'ah.

I live in London but my local Mosque has different times, what should I do?

You should follow your local mosque, but you can tell them about the new Unified Islamic Prayer Timetable for London in case they don't know about it.

I live outside the area of your timetable, what should I do?

You should follow your nearest mosque. However, if it's more than 20 miles to your nearest mosque, then if might be better to get a timetable calculated for your location. Visit for further information.