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Eid will be on Monday, the 12th of September. We will be holding four jammats on the day at the following times:

1st jammat: 7:00am
2nd jammat: 8:00am
3rd jammat: 9:00am
4th jammat: 10:00am

Eid Mubarak!

Madrasah Newsletters

Please find links to newsletters given to your children already, and an update from Ustaad Suleiman:

July Newsletter

August Newsletter

Weekend Madrasah update

Notice of Public Meeting

We will be holding a public meeting on Thursday the 25th of August, after Maghrib salah. The meeting will include a powerpoint presentation and it will seek to inform and answer many of the concerns and confusion that has affected the community over this past year.

Please join us to be informed of the developments and changes we've made, and to seek clarification on any matters.

Date: Thursday 25th August 2016
Time: After Maghrib Salah (~8:20pm)

Zakat, Fitra, Fidya, and Kaffarah

Please use the following guidance to fulfil your obligations.


Sadaqatul Fitre is often described as Zakatul Fitre. It is an obligatory act of worship upon Muslims. There are number of Hadith that underpinned the obligations and the measurement. The most important of them is to get the correct understanding of calculation practised in the prophet’s time. Majority juristic view on this is to follow Prophetic Medina measurement of volume ( Sa’a consists four units of Mad) which equate to .75 litre per Mad. This translates into 3kg of staple food stipulated in the Hadith.

According to Hadith, the recommended staple food depends and varies geographically but traditionally includes Flour/Wheat, Rice, Barley, Corn, Dates, Raisins. According to traditions, the best sadaqa is given in kind than cash before Eid prayer.

Looking at the current staple food consume in UK particularly by Muslim are rice or flour. The market research suggests the price in middle bracket on 3kg rice cost £4 pounds and 3 kg flour cost £3 pounds. Therefore, fitra for this year can be given between £3 to £4.


This type of penalty imposed by way of compensation on those is able to pay and have legitimate reasons for not fasting. According to Hdith, the correct measurement of half Sa’s which is 1.5 kg. market price for wheat and rice as staple food respectably stands to £1.50 to £2 . This should provide one person with 2 meals or two persons with 1 meal.


This type of tough penalty imposed on those deliberately avoids fasting. To remedy the breach of the obligation, one must either fast continuously for 60 days, or feed 60 poor people at a rate of £1.50 to £2 per day per person.


Zakat is an obligatory act of giving by those who possess required assets. The threshold ( Nisab) in GBP: Gold £2540.00 (87.5g) Silver £218.00 (625g) [ Strongly advised to check current market rate] and in capital assets 2.5% on other agricultural goods, precious metal and livestocks varies between 2.5% to 20%

Assets to include money in hand and in bank including shares, property, fixed assets,pensions, gold , silver,business goods, crops and cattle.

Items are excluded from Zakat calculation if these are used for personal consumption such as home, furniture, car, food, clothing and….etc

One principle role is that Nisab (minimum amount of wealth) should be held for one lunar year.

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Beacon Tree Masjid Update

Alhamdulillah, Beacon Tree Masjid (BTM) has been registered as a charity, with the charity number: 1167427.

As you may be aware already, the management committee of Becontree Heath Islamic Society (Dagenham Central Masjid) contracted out day to day running of the Masjid and Madrasah to Beacon Tree Masjid; after prolong battle to stop interference by the suspended trustees. The suspended trustees have threatened, with notice, to close down the service provided by BHIS. After careful consideration, the management committee of BHIS agreed to safeguard the charity assets and its services for the public benefit. This arrangement will continue until a reasonable solution is reached.

We (BTM) have been running the Masjid since March 2016 and we have also taken over the management of out of school learning (Madrasah), which was previously run under the Quran and Sunnah Academy.

Since taking over, you may have noticed BTM has:

  • Called in pest control to remove rodents from the Masjid to safeguard the health and well being of our users
  • Installed security camera's inside and around the building for safety and security
  • Installed ADT maintained alarm system so that we protect our assets from harm
  • Renovated both shop fronts to acceptable standards, and also removed unwanted furniture to create more prayer space
  • Cleared the disabled toilet of all unwanted items; making it a useable toilet, where as it had previously been used for storage
  • Cleared the garage of much garbage, which has been there for at least a year (a reason for the rodent infestation)
  • Employed a fulltime caretaker; who has been doing a splendid job keeping the Masjid clean and tidy
  • Fitted a water dispenser inside the Masjid for service users
  • Relocated the office, to create further prayer space in the main hall
  • Painted the adjacent room next to the main hall.
  • Laid out industrial grade vinyl to sustain regular wears and tears.
  • Paid off a substantial amount of Qarz-e-hasana and continue to honour the on-going commitment
  • Employed security, as requested by parents and musallis
  • Installed several air conditioning units for the comfort of our Musallis
  • Installed 21 wall rotating fans (donated by small DEEDS)
  • Installed several wall mounted monitors; for Musallis to follow the imam from different rooms
  • Arranged Jummah facilities for women
  • Installed an electronic prayer board (donated by respected ex-trustee of BHIS. Mr A. Motin)

We are committed to serving the community and we are reinvesting all your generous donations back into the Masjid.

We will strive to make further improvements throughout the year, increasing the services we provide and the quality as well. Currently we are working on the following projects:

  • ESOL Courses - provided by Institute of Advanced Learning. This course is being endorsed by the Masjid, to give back to the community. Next session due to start from September
  • We are negotiating with providers, for parents with children under the age of 5, to use the facility
  • Making necessary adjustment to the fabrics of the building in order to accommodate all five prayer facilities for women
  • Adding and adapting a further room for out of school teaching (Madrasah)
  • Adapting additional room for conference and social activities
  • Making arrangements to paint the whole Masjid
  • Making arrangements to replace the entire roof to prevent water leaking

This is just the beginning and we have much more planned. Please continue with your generous donations and support, as we continue the transition into a new era.

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Ramadan Update

The blessed month of Ramadan is upon us!

We remind all our users to be considerate during this busy period, especially to our neighbours. This means:

  • Park responsibly! Do not block driveways, access to roads, and leave enough room for emergency services to drive by.
  • No loitering near the Masjid! This disturbs the surrounding neighbours and we hear complaints.
  • Listen to our volunteers! They are hear to help, please do not physically or verbally abuse them

Here is a quick update about our Ramadan plans:

  • We will be holding one taraweeh only
  • Taraweeh will be available for women
  • We will have 4 hufaj for this years taraweeh
  • We will be providing services for Itikahf, and we will not be charging for this
  • Water bottles will be supllied throughout the month; genrously donated by 2 brothers
  • Dates will be supplied throughout the month; generously donated by 2 local brothers
  • Iftar will be provided every day - if you would like to donate any food, please come contact us first, as food provided in excess usually gets thrown away

Finally, we would like as many volunteers as possible to help us through this month. Please contact us if you are available.

Thank you and we pray you make the most of this Ramadan!

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ESOL Courses

The Institute of Advanced Learning are thrilled to offer ESOL courses for the community of Becontree Heath; with the aim to both get people certified to obtain their Citizenship in the UK, and to develop their level of English speaking and listening skills to allow them to integrate into the British society.

Our courses will run for a 15 week period, which will be broken up by 12 weeks of studying, and 3 weeks of exam preparation.

Venue: Becontree Heath Islamic Society, 798 Green Lane, RM8 1YT
Period: 15 weeks
Course Fee: £220
Assessment Fee: £5
Study Time: 54 hours

We will offer courses ranging from B1 to C2. If you are interested in signing up, please contact:

Abzal Mahmud: 07903 702 990
Md Yeahya: 07891 228 398

Please note, you must book the exam externally. We will help you during this process.


Vacancy - January 2016

With BHIS and Quran & Sunnah Academy Supplementary School (Madrasa)

Head Teacher

Previous experience in similar role essential

Teacher (3 positions available)

Experience in teaching (arabic) essential

Volunteers needed (ongoing vacancy)

Please apply to all positions by emailing

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