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There is no Tarawih at the Mosque due to the coronavirus pandemic lockdown. Ramadan Mubarak! Read more…
Fri, 5 Apr 2019 Last updated
1st Jumuah 1.15pm
2nd Jumuah 2.15pm
Car Parking No
Toilets Yes
Wudu place Yes
Women's prayer space Yes
Children Madrasa Yes
Disability access Yes

About us

The Beacon Tree Masjid (Becontree Heath Islamic Society) is a community initiative which seeks to assist the Muslim members of the community and their children in helping themselves to deepen their Islamic knowledge, whilst serving the needs of our local Muslim community by providing a range of holistic and culturally-sensitive services while holding firmly to our Islamic values and heritage. We aim to empower the local Muslim members of our community who may feel isolated from mainstream services.